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Our clients are talking about us



Nayna for me had been a life saving experience with 20days to the wedding n no dress available. Saman's genius with colors and her innate acumen is the reason for Nayna's absolute success.
Wish her all the success!


It was a wonderful experience! Got exactly what I had imagined..In fact even better than that! :)



My brothers wedding has been done and i wore those 2 outfits made by NAYNA. Each and every person loved them. They made me look like a superstar of the evenings.  All the credit goes to Saman. Hats off to ur nicely done work . Inshallah next time i am down to pakistan will look forward to come to u again.



Almost, 8.5 years ago, I went to Nayna, for the first time, to get an outfit made for my best friend’s wedding. Saman, is the most amazing, talented designer our country has to offer. She designs for each individual, knows exactly how to blend what you want to what will look nice on you! My most special outfit, my bridal was designed by her, and I can say that it was much more beautiful than I myself had imagined my bridal! Recently, my brother got married, and Saman designed for me and my sister-in-law and again, absolutely Surreal. The whole “Nayna” experience is of highest customer satisfaction be it bridals, formals, or casuals!



Nayna is a brand that caters to everyone, young and old alike. The clothes are extremely wearable and fashion forward at the same time. I am especially fond of all their bridal collections, past and present. A Nayna bride is always a gorgeous but comfortable bride!



Nayna fashion house is a great combination of style and quality .For me, team nayna has always been a life saver , whether it be eid ka jora , dinner wear or wedding dresses. I can blindly rely on saman for designing my clothes because she knows exactly what I want. Thankyou team nayna for setting up and maintaining my style statement over the years.



Nayna has been my wardrobe solution for the last six years.I've had my 'Perfect Nayna Dress' on every occasion.No matter what size I was or what stage of life I was in Nayna has always made me feel Pretty.



I got to meet saman about half a decade back and it was such a pleasure. She is so witty, humble yet truly professional. She has always gone an extra mile to get the best for her client. Her honesty and dedication is what makes wonders. She has been my savior regardless of formals or semi formals. The quality of work and even the materials used are of excellent quality. I always get compliments for her exquisite designs. Now I am abroad and she is just a message away. She always gets back to me and I am really thankful to her for being so patient. I see and wish a bright future for NAYNA. Keep up the brilliance.



I have always had an amazing experience at Nayna. With an innate sense of style and attention to details Saman always manages to create dresses which are out of this world. Be it a trendy party wear or traditional wedding wear I have always find something startling for me. She perfectly knows how to balance beautiful colors, cuts and delicate embellishments. The best thing is Saman can very easily translates what is in your mind into an amazing outfit. Above all her humbleness and quality service always takes me back to Nayna.



Its been a while since i wore Nayna on my wedding. I wore it on my mehndi & my sister wore it on my mehndi and on barat aswell.
Everyone, specially ourselves.. We were and still in love with our clothes.

Thanks alot for making the prettiest dresses :))

Best of luck for all your endevours :)